International cargo transportations – difficult process that requires deep professional knowledge and skills. Mistakes in logistics costs very expensive, because the wrong route, bad organization of transportation, late delivery or lost cargo – all these lead to huge losses. On the other hand effective logistics gives a large competitive advantage, enlarge company’s profits, leads to business success and prosperity.

We have created S&S Associates SA to offer the best possible, qualitative and suitable logistic services that enable our Clients to increase their market potential.

We gathered our team of the best employees and technical specialists, that will assist you professionally while making necessary documentation for cargos, choosing most optimal route and lead you through all the transport procedures. Our goal is to provide reliable transportations and match your demands to the best advantage.

We offer optimal qualitative decisions for cargo deliveries by different types of transport from any country to the final recipient by creating an individual route, taking into account personal demands of each Client.

We work on “door-to-door” basis.

Skilled specialists with more than 20-years experience in logistics (with excise cargos and premium-class cargos as well) work in our company to provide every Client with high standards of service and as wide as possible range of services on international cargo transportations, including:

  • Transportation of cargos by trucks (international and internal transportations)
Автомобильные перевозки We provide a full range of services on “door-to-door” basis. Accepting your order for trucking, we guarantee that the transportation will be implemented on time and in accordance with your schedule. We are ready to provide services for the organization of transportation of cargoes by road of any volumes, using different types of motor transport and in all directions.
  • Multimodal transportations
Мультимодальные перевозки We offer transportations by road, sea, rail and air transport, and development of combined schemes of transportation in order to reduce costs for transportation and delivery time. Our goals are to find the optimal scheme of delivery, most convenient for the Client and to deliver the cargo to the destination point in the regimented time.
  • Warehousing


We offer a full range of services of modern (including excise) warehouses in Europe and Russia:

– Loading and unloading,
– registration of the goods,
– storage,
– arrangement and packing of goods,
– High-quality labeling of excise goods with excise stamps and back labels and stickers
– Preparation of documents for stamps for each dispatch,
– thorough accounting of the excise stamps with the report writing.

  • Freight forwarding in ports


We provide a full range of services related to the freight forwarding in ports:
pre-registration of the necessary documentation;

– forwarding in the port, loading and unloading, delivery of cargo to the terminals for temporary storage and organization of storage under customs control;
– delivery of containers to / from the port, coordination of loading and unloading road / rail transport;
– organization and control of the passage of all necessary inspections with local authorities (customs, sanitary and veterinary authorities, quarantine, etc.)

  • Customs services

Customs clearance of cargoes by our experts is carried out with the proper registration of documents at any stage, and with the proper organization of cargo delivery to customs warehouse. We can offer to our Clients the shortest terms and the optimal prices for customs clearance.

  • Cargos insurance
Logistics operations of our Company are insured in first-class European insurance companies. Insurance provides protection of your cargo from the risks during transportation and helps maximize the safety and security of the goods at the best insurance rates.
  • Armed convoy of cargo


We collaborate with time-tested and reliable security companies, which offer different variants of cargo convoying (convoy by an armed guard, use of the convoying car) and are 100% responsible for escorted cargo. Convoying of cargoes is carried out in accordance with the system “hand to hand”, which provides high safety of cargo and minimization of the Client’s expenses.
  • Consulting and representation services

We provide consulting services as to the different components of the logistics process, including:
– Transportation of goods by different types of transport
– Customs legislation and customs procedures
– Technical execution of all logistics processes.
In addition, we offer to represent our Clients in the various spheres of activity of the Client.

We have accumulated a great experience in transportation of any complexity and continue to develop in this direction. Today, we can offer you not only the most complete range of services in the field of international transportation, but also the development of the schemes of delivery of goods taking into account exactly your needs.

We solve your transportation problems – you save time and money!